How to Give a Star


To Give a Star you must first Book a Star here

Reservation is free and shall have no obligation to purchase next, simply allows you to book the star for 96 hours. After booking you will receive an email confirmation on how to view / edit the Booked Star.

The star will be booked immediately and 2 hours later its color will turn from GREEN to ORANGE (booked). After paying the star will become BLUE (assigned), your name and dedication will be published and you will receive an email with the attached GoogleMyStar certificate of registration with your Special Dedication. Upon 96 hours without payment, the star returns GREEN and Available.

Below explains the fields on the form to book a star.

The Name dedicated to the Star will appear in Google Plugin and in the Star Archives (Star Search).

If you do not specify the Star Number, it will be automatically assigned. The stars that can be selected starting with STAR, if you zoom you will see that more and more stars appear.

Depending on the color of the star, could not be booked because they are already assigned.

The updating of the Star Archive and Plug-in «Google SKY» on this site, generally occur in 4 hours unless technical problems..

  • BLUE indicates a star already occupied
  • ORANGE indicates a star booked but not yet confirmed
  • GREEN indicates a star available

E-mail is your email where certificate and instructions will be sent (PDF format).

The Special Dedication is the dedication that will be written on the certificate and on the star placemark.

Fill in the Special Date if you want the date of a special occasion (anniversary, birth, etc.) will appear on the certificate and on the star placemark

Fill in the Signature if you want your name (or alias) will be on the certificate and on the star placemark

E-mail recipient who receives the gift: is important because it is so we can send in the future new site updates (new features, major updates, changes links, new app, technical information and scientific) to those who receive the gift (we do not anticipate your gift!).

To complete the procedure go to the Star Payments: you can use your PayPal account or credit card.

Once the form will be completed, you will receive an E-mail to your E-mail address with all your data and the link to the Payments page to complete the process.

If you have problems with plug-in or want to see the star on your PC with Google Earth, here are the steps to follow:

  • Download this file and save it to your desktop (use the right button and then choose «Save As...»)
  • double-click the file to open it with the Google Earth application (which can be downloaded from the Google Earh official website )
  • switch Sky mode (View-Explore-Sky)
  • put the coordinates of your star in the Box «Search the Sky «, and fly to your Star!

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