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  • Payment
  • Delivery Time
  • Stars Archive and Updating
  • Withdrawal right
  • Relationship with Google Inc. or NASA
  • Difficulty to see the Star
  • Archive, dedication
  • What happens if I make a mistake on my order?
  • How does it cost to dedicate a Star?


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    SearchMyStar is registered by Controller srl and provides for privacy and confidential customers information protection. All information is treated according to the law 675/96 guidelines and is used to place orders and inform you about SearchMyStar news.

    DL 196/03 (PRIVACY) D.L 196/03 (Privacy)

    D.L. 22 may 1999, n. 185 D.L. 22 may 1999, n. 185

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    Payment systems are flexible and safe. Payment by credit card relies on the professional transactions circuit by PayPall . Credit cards data will not be on line for a long time so as to avoid risks of hackers’ intrusion

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    Delivery Time

    The “dedication of a star” takes place in about 24 working hours after payment. The certificate dispatch via email in PDF form is made individually according to personal needs and it will take place in about 24 working hours.

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    Stars Archive and Updating

    The Archive and updating of the display on the Plugin “Google Sky” on the site SearchMyStar generally take place in 12 working hours unless technical problems.

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    Withdrawal right

    SearchMyStar applies the right of withdrawal as stated by law.

    1. According to the art. N. 48 of D. Lgs. 6 September 2005, n. 206 (the so-called “Consumer code”), it will not be granted to the customer whom the star has already been given to, to exercise the right to withdraw from the contract.
    2. If the Customer, after having paid and before receiving any star, has already sent an E-mail to communicate his withdrawal, has to confirm his withdrawal to the Service Provider within 48 (forty-eight) hours by sending a registered letter with advice of delivery.
    3. If a star already occupied is chosen or if the star number is wrong, an error notice will be sent by E-mail to communicate the impossibility to go on.
      The customer can exercise the right of withdrawal within 48 (forty-eight) hours from the error notice sending. In case the customer does not exercise this right, another star will be automatically awarded.
    4. In case of any dispute the jurisdiction is the one of Parma – Italy.

    In short: in order to get the refund, you have to send a registered letter with advice of delivery to STAR A.A. Via Pezzalunga, 6 (42030) Ventasso Italy . Please notice that the expenses met by our Company (50% of the amount paid) are excluded from the refund. Refund will be made within 60 days. We have no obligation or liability for delays in names assignment from the Archive on this site.

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    Relationship with Google Inc. or NASA

    SearchMyStar is not affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by Google Inc. and NASA.

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    Difficulty to see the Star

    If you have any problems to see the stars through Google Earth, you can find more information in the official website

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    Archive, dedication

    SearchMyStar offers the chance to have a customized certificate in the electronic form (not the “star sale”, because stars are heritage of the universe – art. 1 Law 62 of 7/03/2001). The inclusion in the “Archive” by SearchMyStar makes no legal claim on the allocation of official names to stars in the universe. Only the IAU has the authority to assign names and recognizes the stars by assigning them a number. Purchasing our certificate and its publication of the dedication, you only agree that it is a special and unique gift and that no legal title is given or implied as a result of this “dedication”.
    SearchMyStar puts a dedication to the stars only and does not claim the right to be the official agency for the Item Description of the stars; the ‘International Astronomical Union only has the right to formalize the names of celestial bodies. Therefore, in no official international register you will find the name that the buyer chose for any reason whatsoever, with anyone (even bought in other competing sites).

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    What happens if I make a mistake on my order?

    No problem! please contact the Customer Service (in English please) to report the error; if the certificate has not been sent yet, we will correct the mistake at no additional cost.

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    How does it cost to dedicate a Star?

    Dedicate a star costs very little:


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